Foto de Anderson StevensPorto Marinho Ltd. is a scenarios and strategies consulting company. It is located in Porto Digital (www.portodigital.org), the biggest IT technology park in Brazil, at Rua da Guia, 142, in the old neighborhood Recife Antigo (the old port area), in the city of Recife, Pernambuco. It is an I-and-myself company (I am alone,  but working in partnership with other consultants and consulting companies). As they say in the Paraguayan joke, the company in which “la garantía soy yo”, Cláudio Marinho. In other words: I am Porto Marinho’s delivery.

For that reason, I decided to go straight to the real issue, creating this blog instead of a “site” (sorry, in Portuguese only) where you can discover who I am from what I think of life. After all, this is what my clients get when they pay for my services. They pay for myself and my circumstances – my life stories that pile up as experiences integrated into my consulting work. [NOTE: yes, the last post was in 2008. With Facebook and the like, this blog remains as a historic register of my initial positioning as a private company, after nearly 30 years in the public sector]

You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram as  @cmarinho and at Facebook as Claudio Marinho. And for those who need a more formal presentation, here is my short CV:

Cláudio José Marinho Lúcio
Founding Partner
Porto Marinho Ltd.


• Scenarios planning and strategic management
• Public sector executive management
• Public sector strategic planning and policy making
• Urban and regional planning
• Organizational innovation
• Information technology policy making
• Professional coaching


• Senior consulting in scenario planning and strategic management for public and private organizations (Coca-Cola Guararapes, Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação, Grupo Eduardo Queiroz Monteiro, Rodoviária Metropolitana/PE, SOSERVI/PE, daFonte Advogados/PE, Porto Digital/PE, PROCENGE, COREMAL, Prefeitura do Recife (Creative Economy), Governo do Estado de Pernambuco (Creative Economy), Prefeitura de Maceió (Urban Projects), CNI, IEL/NAC, FIEPE, IEL/PE, SEBRAE/PB, SEBRAE/PE, SEBRAE/AL, SEBRAE/GO, SEBRAE/PI, SEBRAE/TO, CESAR/PE [in partnership: POSITIVO Informática, Rapidão Cometa/PE, UNILEVER, Bradesco, Livraria e Editora SARAIVA, Hemobrás, SONAE, FIAT, SAMSUNG], IBCD/SP, BRASSCOM, MICROSOFT, among others); from 2007 to date;
• Planning Secretary in the State of Pernambuco Government, 2006;
• Secretary for Science, Technology and the Environment in the State of Pernambuco Government, Brazil, 1999/2006 (in charge for the public policy contribution to the Porto Digital, Recife, IT cluster of innovation initiative – see http://www.portodigital.org);
• President, Brazilian National Science and Technology Secretaries Forum, 2001/2003;
• CEO, SoftexRecife nucleus of the Brazilian National Program to Support Software Exporting Companies (Softex 2000), 1997/1999;
• Assistant Director, Recife Municipal IT Enterprise (EMPREL), Municipality of Recife, Pernambuco, having coordinated the Citizens’ Network project, the first Latin American freenet, 1993/96;
• CEO, State of Pernambuco Government Development Agency, 1989;
• Planning Secretary, State of Pernambuco Government, 1988/89;
• Administrator, Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Pernambuco, 1988;
• Superintendent, Metropolitan Recife Planning Agency (FIDEM), 1987;
• Urban Planning Director, Recife Urbanization Enterprise (URB-Recife), Municipality of Recife, 1986/87.


• Born in the State of Paraíba, Brazil, 1952; widower; two sons;
• Civil engineer, Federal University of Pernambuco, UFPE, 1975;
• Post graduation studies in Urban Planning, UFPE, 1976/77;
• Post graduation studies in Urban and Regional Planning, Ottawa, Canada, 1979 and Information Systems for Planning, Atlanta, USA, 1985;
• Doctoral studies in Economics, University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, 1990/1992;
• Certified professional coach, The Newfield Group, Venezuela, 1996/1997;
• Fluent in English; skills in Spanish; able to write and speak good Portuguese;
• Elected fellow of the World Technology Network (www.wtn.net), since July 2003;
• Member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for New and Emerging Markets, London Business School, since 2002;
• Member of the Brazilian National Scientific Merit Order, 2000;
• Pernambuco Industrial Federation Merit Medal, 2001;
• Pernambuco State Citizen, State Assembly Title, 2005.

FURTHER INFORMATION: go google [“claudio marinho” recife]


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